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aug&ohr medien is a dynamic film festival agency located in Berlin, Germany, specialising in sending films to film festivals worldwide and representing award-winning short films and feature films.

Our goal is to support film students and up-and-coming directors by promoting their works in the international film festival industry.

Our portfolio includes around 1000 high quality films, which have been screened at festivals like Cannes, Berlinale, Venice, Locarno, Toronto, Sundance, Moscow, Shanghai, Palm Springs, Clermont-Ferrand, and many, many more!

We are one of the leading film festival agencies worldwide. Over the past six years, we have represented numerous winners of the German Short Film Award, Austrian & Swiss Film Award, and Student Oscars, as well as several BAFTA and European Film Award nominees. And in 2016, one film from our catalogue was nominated for the Oscar for Best Short Film!

If you’ve got a film project you’d like us to consider, please send a Vimeo or Youtube screener to film@augohr.de and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible about the next steps!

Markus Kaatsch

Founder & Managing Director

Fender Dickinson

Portfolio Management

David M. Lorenz

Head of Communication Selections

Constantin Jahns

Communication Selections

Anna Laura Wenzel

Head of Coordination & Communication Submissions

Felicity Lewis

Coordination & Communication Submissions

Kate Seabrook

Coordination & Communication Submissions

Tristen Bakker

Coordination Submissions

Susanne Hörenz

Coordination Submissions

Karolin Saenger

Coordination Submissions

Marie-Amélie Steul

Coordination Submissions

Oliver Stritzke

Coordination Submissions & Submissions

Daniel Butterworth


Jan Wagner


Jöns Jönsson


Judith Rieck


Nelson Manuel Correia Vunda


Gregory Norton



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