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“aug&ohr medien” is a dynamic film festival agency located in Berlin, Germany, which specialises in sending films to film festivals worldwide and represents award-winning short and feature films.

Our goal is to support film students and up-and-coming directors by promoting their works in the international film festival industry.

Our portfolio includes around 900 high quality short and feature-length films, which have been screened at festivals like Cannes, Berlinale, Moscow, Shanghai, Palm Springs, Sundance, Locarno, Toronto, Clermont-Ferrand and many, many more!

We are one of the leading film festival agencies in Europe. In the past five years we have represented four German Short Film Award-winners, two Austrian Film Award-winners, seven Student Oscar-winners (Foreign Films Category), and in 2016 one film from our catalogue was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Short Film!

You can contact us at film@augohr.de

Markus Kaatsch

Founder & Managing Director

Rosamund Mather

Assistant Managing Director

Andrea Uhrhan

Assistant Managing Director

Johann Kuithan

Assistant Managing Director & Accounting

Katja Berls

Head of Portfolio Management

Vania Bajdarova

Portfolio Management

Ines Berwing

Social Media Management

Anja Haverland

Film Scout

Jenny Eitner

Head of Communication Selections

David M. Lorenz

Communication Selections

Constantin Jahns

Communication Selections

Anna Laura Wenzel

Head of Coordination & Communication Submissions

Elena Mikhaylova

Coordination & Communication Submissions

Kate Seabrook

Coordination & Communication Submissions

Viktoria So Hee Alz

Coordination Submissions

Susanne Hörenz

Coordination Submissions

Karolin Saenger

Coordination Submissions

Daniel Butterworth


Rita Sousa Dias


Marie-Amélie Steul


Jan Wagner


Mariagrazia Riccio


Jose Maria Abreu Santos



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