A Film by Peter Bösenberg
and Stephanie Engel (Producer)


Inga unexpectedly arrives home early to her posh apartment late at night. “Backyard-Love” is a cheezy-humorous short film about three people who are unclear about their feelings for each other as lovers. Attempting to regain control of an increasingly absurd situation the characters reveal more of themselves than they would care to.


  • Picture of Peter Bösenberg © Peter Bösenberg

    Peter Bösenberg

    1970 born in Kelkheim (D) lives and works in Cologne;
    1992-1993 Technical University of Darmstadt (D), Department of Psychology; 1994-1995 University of Frankfurt a. M. (D), Department of Art History; 1996-1997 University of Berlin, Journalism Studies;
    1997-2002 Academy of Media Art, Cologne;
    2002 Director Award for the short film "Abendstimmung", "Short Tiger Award", Filmförderungsanstalt des Bundes (FFA), Filmfest Munich.
    Since 2009 Working on photographic series.

  • Picture of Stephanie Engel (Producer) © Stephanie Engel

    Stephanie Engel (Producer)

    Born in Berlin (Germany) lives and works in Berlin.
    In her childhood she moved to Bavaria with her family.
    After graduating from Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen (2003) she received her post-graduate board certified Facharzt degree from German State Medical Council, completing her postgraduate training in plastic surgeries by working at high standard medical health care institutions including 24 hours in and outpatients in Plastic surgery (2010).
    2012-2014 TPZ, Studies in theatre pedagogy, Performing Arts;
    2014-2017 Schauspielzentrum, Drama Studies, Cologne;
    In 2017 she went back to Berlin.
    Since 2012 she works as an actress for film and theater.

Awards + Festivals

  • 51st INTERNATIONALE HOFER FILMTAGE (Opening Film, World Premiere, Hof, Germany)October 24, 2017
  • 1st BERLIN INDEPENDENT FILM AWARDS (Official Selection, Berlin, Germany)April 19, 2018
  • 6th KURZFILMFESTIVAL SCHROBENHAUSEN BBF FICTION (Official Selection, Gerolsbach, Germany)April 20, 2018
  • 4th LONGUE VUE SUR LE COURT - INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Montreal, Quebec, Canada)May 30, 2018
  • 8th ODERKURZ-FILMSPEKTAKEL (Official Selection, Oderaue, Germany)June 1, 2018
  • 2nd THE BUDDHA INT'L FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Pune, Maharashtra, India)June 9, 2018
  • PORTO 7 - INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Porto, Portugal)June 13, 2018
  • 12th KINOFEST INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Bucharest, Romania)September 1, 2018
  • 1st ROFL FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Madrid, Spain)September 15, 2018
  • 11th FILMZEITKAUFBEUREN (Official Selection, Irsee, Germany)October 1, 2018
  • 8th FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CINE FINE ARTS (Official Selection, Miramar, Puerto Rico)October 4, 2018
  • 7th DUBLING INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM AND MUSIC FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Dublin, Ireland)October 5, 2018
  • 16th ANNUAL TALLGRASS FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Wichita, KS, USA)October 17, 2018
  • 2nd ANATOMY CRIME - HORROR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Athens, Greece)October 31, 2018
  • 11th LANCASTER INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Lancaster, PA, USA)November 8, 2018
  • KINOFILM - MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM & ANIMATION FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Manchester, United Kingdom)November 26, 2018
  • 2nd CHAMBAL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Kota, Rajasthan, India)January 12, 2019
  • SHORTS AT MOONLIGHT 2019 (Official Selection, Höchst, Oestrich-Winkel, Germany)June 17, 2019
  • 1st WEST EUROPE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL - FUSION ISFF (Official Selection, Brussels, Belgium)August 17, 2019


Peter Bösenberg
Peter Bösenberg
Stephanie Engel
Director of Photogaphy
Itay Marom
Costume Design
Mayja Jobs, Stephanie Engel
Torsten Büttner
Gerrit Lucas
Sound Design
Patrick Arnold, Philipp Reimann (KlangKönner)
Max Pannenberg (ROBA-Production Music) "Alejandote de mi corazon" (Artist: Jon Alexi; Composer: Adolfo Bringas) "Because of you" (Composers: Eddie Hedges, Robert J. Walsh, James Ekblom Moore)


Running Time
Shooting Format
Screening Format
DCP, BluRay, DVD, .mov, mp4 (HD)
Aspect Ratio
1:1,78 (16:9)
Dolby 5.1



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aug&ohr medien
Riemannstr. 21
10961 Berlin, Germany

+49 (0)30 61620068


Stephanie Engel


Peter Bösenberg