Naiv sein und wissen dass das ein Weg ist

A Film by Friederike Hoppe


There’s a little sister and a big brother and their senior parents. The senior parents really enjoy knitting and talking about supermarket price changes. They also like the quiet in their house.  Their daughter, the little sister – does not. But however, she doesn’t even know what she is missing so much – her big brother for example (who left that quiet house long time ago and avoided coming back for quite a while). Then some quiet day after New Year’s Day, he returns home. He sort of kidnaps his little sister and shows her what she didn’t know she was yearning for before. Suddenly there is colour. Suddenly there is loud, loud music and naïve spontaneity. Out of the blue, out of the colour, she becomes aware of her life. She does not come out of her age but out of her quiet parents’ house. The outside is confusing and thrilling at the same time.   This film is a 30 minutes  lasting instruction about how to make your life to an extraordinary film. What you need:

  1. Music. In the perfect moment.
  2. and 3: Colors and contrasts. Granted, there are lots of good black and white movies but wouldn’t it be rather sad if trees would be grey shadowed?
  3. Also: you need to be naïve.

See more, do more, hear more, run more, fall more, feel more. This is it.


  • Picture of Friederike Hoppe © Friederike Hoppe

    Friederike Hoppe

    Friederike Hoppe was born 29.05.1992 in Bielefeld, an unknown city in the west of Germany. She grew up a little, did normal things like sleeping, breathing, eating and some teenage stuff- she also liked: writing, music and sketching things on toilet paper. Some day she thought that film is a great medium to combine all this. So she made her first film knowing that she knew almost nothing about making films. She did it anyway and she noticed it feels great. And she wants to continue making films.
    Since she is still pretty young and unknowing, her biography is very short and ends here.

Awards + Festivals

    11th UP AND COMING INT'L FILM FESTIVAL HANNOVER (Germany, Competition)November 25, 2011
  • 16th SARAJEVO FILM FESTIVAL (B&H, Int'l Short Competition)July 6, 2012
  • 12th OLDENBURGER KURZFILMTAGE ZWERGWERK (Germany)November 22, 2012
  • FILOFEST INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL 2012 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)December 12, 2012
  • 26th STUTTGARTER FILMWINTER (Stuttgart, Germany)January 10, 2013


Friederike Hoppe
Friederike Hoppe
Friederike Hoppe
Director Of Photography
Friederike Hoppe


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BluRay, HDCam, DigiBeta, .mov, BetaSP, DVD, miniDV
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1:1,78 (16:9)


Film Agency Director

Markus Kaatsch
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